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Translating complex ground risk into professional opinion.

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A market-leading suite of legal reports, assessing the risks the ground poses to property and land. Our team of expert geologists combine and interpret over 10 million GeoData points to clearly identify ground risks, translating complex liabilities into unrivalled professional opinion and actionable advice for legal and property due diligence.

Driven by GeoData, Interpreted by Geologists

At Terrafirma, we believe a report should be purchased only if a hazard has been identified.

Our unique TerraSearch® platform enables property professionals to simply screen for all mining and ground hazards within a residential or commercial site, guiding the due diligence process, clearly indicating what report is required to obtain relevant professional opinion and advice.

TerraSearch® is a cost-effective tool to guide the conveyancer and purchaser as to which Terrafirma report should be purchased to assess the risk of ground instability and enable a more informed decision within the property transaction.

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