Understand the


We help people understand their exposure

to the risk of damage, disruption and financial loss from ground hazards.

Transforming Ground Risk Assessment

The disruptive power of the ground beneath our feet cannot be underestimated.

Terrafirma exist to help professionals and the consumer unravel the complexities of the ground and provide intelligent solutions to support robust and future-proofed decision-making.

Our experts innovatively synthesise GeoData with a deep understanding of science and engineering, creating insight to hazards that can disrupt property, land and infrastructure, now and in the future.

We believe decisions on how we use land and how we design, build and invest into property and infrastructure should draw upon the power of expert GeoData.

Terrafirma utilise emerging technology to extract knowledge from maps, satellite data, ground investigations and hand-picked data partners.

To enable resilient decision-making, our experts have developed the future of ground risk assessment, the National Ground Risk Model™, the first unified, probabilistic model of ground movement in Great Britain.


Our reports translate complex ground risk into professional opinion in property transactions.


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