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We help people understand their exposure

to the risk of damage, disruption and financial loss from ground hazards.

Transforming Ground Risk Assessment

The disruptive power of the ground beneath our feet cannot be underestimated.

Terrafirma exist to help professionals and the consumer unravel the complexities of the ground and provide intelligent solutions to support robust and future-proofed decision-making.

Our experts innovatively synthesise GeoData with a deep understanding of science and engineering, creating insight to hazards that can disrupt property, land and infrastructure, now and in the future.

We believe decisions on how we use land and how we design, build and invest into property and infrastructure should draw upon the power of expert GeoData.

Terrafirma utilise emerging technology to extract knowledge from maps, satellite data, ground investigations and hand-picked data partners.

To enable resilient decision-making, our experts have developed the future of ground risk assessment, the National Ground Risk Model™, the first unified, probabilistic model of ground movement in Great Britain.

Introducing the National


Risk Model™

Designed by experts to profile the risk the ground poses at any point in Great Britain.

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The N


RM™ represents the next step in our ability to understand the ground.

A fusion of cutting-edge geoscience and the highest resolution GeoData delivers the first geospatial picture of all ground instability hazards, enabling smarter decisions within the built environment.

The ground beneath our feet is not static

It is influenced by change in land use, soils, local geology, terrain, vegetation, weather, historical mining and complex erosional processes.

Hazards posed by ground movement are numerous and inevitably pose a risk to society.

The N


RM™ profiles the risk of ground instability, caused by ground hazards, at building level

All 44 million buildings (29 million dwellings).

Although we cannot eliminate ground risk, the NGRM™ can quantify the impact upon our homes, workplaces and essential services.

Buildings are not the only asset at risk from damage and disruption from ground instability hazards

Our road and rail network and utilities are equally exposed to ground instability hazards and the NGRM™ acts as an early warning solution before costly, disruptive problems become an issue.

The ground is reacting to a changing world

It is more important than ever to understand the relationship between our built and natural environments.

Climate change, rapidly increasing urbanisation and the inevitable expansion of the built environment

Are external factors that alter the scale of risk from ground instability hazards. The NGRM™ provides solutions for understanding how ground risk may impact the built environment, now and in the future.


Our reports translate complex ground risk into professional opinion in property transactions.


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