The first CON29M to include a Mine Entry Interpretive Report,
as standard.

Mirrored CON29M Report

The CON29M Report is an official Law Society legal search form used when buying and selling domestic properties within coal mining reporting zones.

Terrafirma were the first commercial organisation to be licensed as a report producer by The Law Society, enabling us to provide a new and enhanced official CON29M report.

The Terrafirma CON29M answers all official CON29M questions on coal mining and combines all Coal Authority data, Terrafirma’s expert knowledge of geohazards and advice from a panel of recognised industry professionals, to assess the risk to land and property in coal mining areas. In addition, the Terrafirma CON29M now also provides an assessment and advice on non-coal mining hazards within Coal Authority data.

The report includes our expert opinion, which explains how coal or non-coal mining could affect the property (and in turn the prospective purchaser and lender) and details any next steps that we recommend to safeguard their investment. It will also alert all parties of the implications of non-coal mining workings affecting the property, most notably that the terms of the Coal Mining Subsidence Act 1991 may not apply. This is backed up with our UserKey, which colour codes each section of the report for the appropriate party, and eliminates the requirement for the conveyancer to report on a liability they may not have detailed knowledge of and reduces the amount of time a conveyancer spends reporting back to the client and the lender.

Our professional expertise to provide straightforward answers as to whether coal or non-coal mining (as detailed within Coal Authority data) could impact the property value, and whether any identified hazards need to be brought to the attention of the purchase or lender. Our clear ‘pass’ or ‘further action’ outcomes are clearly displayed on the front page, and the Terrafirma CON29M has a pass rate of over 99%.

Terrafirma were the first to include a Mine Entry Interpretive Report as standard in their official CON29M, where a mine entry (shaft or adit) is identified within 20 metres, saving approximately £150 in additional costs and ensuring that the discovery of a mine entry doesn’t slow down the transaction unnecessarily.


  • Residential

    : £42 +VAT
  • Commercial

    : £100 +VAT
  • Delivered

    : <48 hours
  • Reliance

    : £10 million Professional Indemnity* | £100k Loss of Value

  • NEW!

    Now includes a new section for advice and risk assessment of non-coal mining hazards within Coal Authority data.
  • The original CON29M to include a Mine Entry Interpretive Report as standard, speeding up the transaction and saving your client approximately £150, where a mine entry is identified within 20 metres.
  • Clear and reliable ‘at a glance’ expert opinion, answering the important questions so you don’t have to.
  • Loss of value insurance of £100,000 per report covering any subsequent change in Coal Authority data.
  • Comprehensive terms and conditions including £10 million Professional Indemnity cover per CON29M.
  • Satisfies The Law Society CON29M (2018) best practice guidance.
  • Official data licensed from The Coal Authority, including nearby subsidence claims.

*RRP based on sites under 15 hectares (ha). Please contact us for prices on larger sites.

*Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance (any one claim). Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction.

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