Protecting against liability from ground hazards.

Mirrored Ground Report

The Terrafirma Assure is a property risk certificate designed to support due diligence and risk management in the property and legal sectors and acts as an assurance that the purchaser’s property is not affected by man-made or natural ground hazards.

Generated instantly by TerraSearch®, Terrafirma’s unique property risk platform, the Assure is provided when a location is identified to be outside of the 'Affected Areas'. These 'Affected Areas' cover all known and potential mining and natural ground hazards, and are used to determine whether further risk assessment is required. Created by Terrafirma using licensed British Geological Survey and Coal Authority datasets among others, our ‘Affected Areas’ demonstrate an effort to move towards reports only being offered when necessary.

Where no hazards are identified, Assure includes Terrafirma's terms and conditions, carrying £10 million Professional Indemnity cover per Assure and ensures a risk transfer from the property professional to Terrafirma.


Our unique TerraSearch® platform is a tool that enables professionals to locate all mining and ground hazards within a residential or commercial site. TerraSearch® instantly screens the risk from all past mineral extraction in Great Britain, including over 55 mining hazards such as coal, brine, metalliferous minerals, stone, gypsum, limestone, iron, clay and many more. Screening also includes natural ground hazards, such as landslides, soluble rocks, running sands, collapsible deposits, compressible ground and clay-related subsidence.

Where a hazard is identified, the response from TerraSearch® changes to a Hazard Alert. An instantly generated pdf that clearly presents the type of hazards identified and the recommended report. Depending on the type of hazards identified, the recommended report will be different, ensuring the client receives the most relevant and accurate report.

TerraSearch® and the Assure certificate challenges the need for a full report on every site, without compromising on delivery, risk transfer and assessment.


  • RRP

    : £16.50 +VAT
  • Delivered

    : <24 hours
  • Reliance

    : £10 million Professional Indemnity

  • Identifies whether a site is susceptible to known mining or natural ground stability hazards.
  • Offers protected certification for properties where no ground hazards are found.
  • Includes all potential mining hazards (55+ minerals) and natural ground hazards, including clay-related subsidence.
  • Includes loss of value insurance up to £100,000 for coal and brine data.
  • Generated instantly, delivered either by our web or XML platform.
  • Is available across England, Wales and Scotland.
  • Adheres to The Search Code, as regulated by the Property Codes Compliance Board.
  • Includes terms and conditions with £10 million Professional Indemnity cover per Assure.

*RRP based on sites under 15 hectares (ha). Please contact us for prices on larger sites.

*Reliance: £10m Professional Indemnity Insurance (any one claim). Can be relied upon by all professional parties within a property transaction.

The Search Code Terms & Conditions