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Terrafirma join the Conveyancing Association as affiliate members

“We are pleased to announce Terrafirma has today (28th January 2021) joined the Conveyancing Association. They join a select number of Affiliate Members offering professional opinion and expert ground risk assessment. Terrafirma were unanimously accepted by the Board to expand choice for conveyancers and continue the CA’s ambition to work collaboratively with the best service providers in our industry to influence and improve the conveyancing process.” Lloyd Davies, Operations Director at The Conveyancing Association

The Conveyancing Association was established in 2001 as a trade body to ensure the top specialist UK conveyancers have an effective voice in the industry. Joining the Conveyancing Association is the latest assurance of Terrafirma’s commitment to support property professionals and their clients better understand and minimise the risk to property and land from ground hazards.

In its sixth year, Terrafirma have successfully scaled the provision of accurate and innovative mining and ground risk assessment and grown into a leading provider of property searches in the UK, delivering over 10,000 ground risk reports monthly to the conveyancing sector.

Terrafirma established itself by introducing a brand-new property risk report to the UK's conveyancing and legal sector. Hailed as the professional standard in ground risk assessment, the Ground Report is a culmination of Terrafirma’s mission to remove the liability of reporting on ground hazards from the conveyancer to the experts at Terrafirma. When launched in 2018, the Ground Report became the first report to include an official Law Society licensed CON29M, including risk assessment from all mining and natural ground instability, reducing transaction time and cost.

An update in 2019 added another first to Terrafirma’s achievements, to provide detailed information on the risk from clay-related subsidence and trees - a major cause of building damage in the UK. For the first time, the Ground Report also included an insight into the possible long-term effects of climate change on subsidence risk and what that could mean for the homeowner.

The most recent enhancement to the Ground Report is the inclusion of the property-specific Coastal Hazards risk assessment. The new module, launched in September 2020, brings conveyancers and homebuyers information on coastal flooding, landslides, and erosion prior to purchase. In recognition of this progress Terrafirma were awarded the ‘Innovation Award’ at the 2021 Mortgage Finance Gazette Awards, just two years after being highly commended in the same category for pioneering the original alternative to the Coal Authority’s CON29M report.

The Terrafirma suite of reports, developed and interpreted by an in-house team of geoscience experts, is not the only offering to Conveyancing Association members, CEO and Founder Tom Backhouse seeks to influence within regulatory bodies to change the way we act upon certain risks and has provided several hundred hours of professional development and training over the years.

Education is at the core of Terrafirma’s ethos, with climate change the most pertinent topic in 2021 Terrafirma seeks to raise awareness and provide first-class education on the impact our changing climate will have on ground and coastal hazards, and what it means for property and land across the UK, now and in the future.

“We are delighted to be part of the Conveyancing Association and encourage a healthy, competitive and modern industry. With Terrafirma's ongoing research and development, conveyancers can concentrate on the legal aspects of the property transaction safe in the knowledge that when it comes to ground hazards, they can leave the assessment and interpretation of risk to the experts and rely on Terrafirma’s professional opinion for their client. I am looking forward to meeting Conveyancing Association members at many of the new virtual events this year as we’ve been working on fresh, interactive, and engaging sessions to support conveyancers.” Tom Backhouse, CEO and Founder of Terrafirma

Largely made up of geologists, soil scientists and mining engineers, it is Terrafirma’s expert-led knowledge base that feeds the report recommendations and professional opinion, delivering quality and clear instructions for all involved in the property transaction.