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A Year In Terrafirma

2017 has been a year of success, growth and change for Terrafirma.

As a team, we have succeeded in our ambitions to positively disrupt and transform the face of UK ground risk assessment, establishing Terrafirma as a leader in delivering due diligence solutions for the complex physical, financial and legal risks associated with the UK’s mining legacy. As a company, we have grown into a team of 15 employees with an array of talent, experience and expertise that allows us to continually develop our services to excel beyond expectation and innovate the way in which professionals perceive, manage and resolve the risks the ground poses.

There have been numerous achievements throughout 2017, epitomised by an award-winning night at the Modern Law Awards in July, where I was presented with an Outstanding Achievement Award for the exploits of Terrafirma during the past 12 months. This award was testament to the hard work and dedication of every team member and was grateful recognition for the impact Terrafirma has had on the UK’s legal sector since its founding in 2015.

Alongside this achievement, Terrafirma has continued to innovate mining and ground risk assessment, launching a coal mining report in January 2017 that has quickly become the second most purchased mining report in the UK, growing daily and continuing to improve the due diligence of conveyancing firms nationwide. Terrafirma continues to put education at the forefront of its business plans, providing over 500 hours of CPD in the past 18 months to several thousand professionals within the UK’s legal sector and since the summer we have taken a foray into the world of television, radio and newspapers exposing the real and varied risks the ground poses on shows such as BBC Ones ‘The One Show’, ‘Evening News’ and recently ‘Rip Off Britain’. This is expected to continue into 2018 with several more documentaries and public information shows scheduled across terrestrial television, national newspapers and industry journals.

The next 12 months will continue to see Terrafirma at the forefront of change, influencing to inform across public, commercial, academic, regulatory and governmental bodies and further innovating and delivering our services to ensure that the risks the ground pose are understood, managed and actioned within the practice of purchasing property and developing land. As a company, we move forward from solely mining risk into the many hazards associated with the ground.

Finding our Identity

Terrafirma’s extraordinary growth has meant we have been unable to focus on creating a brand identity, that suits the company’s ethos, ambitions and principles, instead focussing on innovating and delivering excellent product and client service. This has now changed - instead of building an identity, Terrafirma has found one. We have used our unique perspective to help us grow into an identity that is characterised by our professional yet personal approach to customer service, our ambition to continue changing perceptions and our ability to understand the ground.

Today, we launch our new brand alongside our new website: allowing for a consistent theme and key messages across our external marketing, sales, education and services material. This change enables the continued growth and success of Terrafirma, enhances our reputation within the market and allows the ongoing support of our network of partners. Our new identity offers a simple, clean and concise style yet ensures a professional, expert and safe theme, with our key messages and unique selling points easily identifiable.

Explore Our New Look

We hope you like our new brand, website and identity. Please take some time to explore our new website and marketing material and direct any questions to our Head of Marketing, Louise Burke by emailing:

Authored by:

Tom Backhouse, Founder and CEO, Terrafirma.