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Introducing an Exciting New Webinar Series

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Terrafirma are committed to providing the best training and support, our expert team of geologists and engineers are on hand to answer your questions. We are pleased to announce our new series of webinars are now available to book on the following topics;

  • Overview of Hazards: What Lies Beneath?
  • Despite registering low on the global geohazard context of large earthquakes and violent volcanic eruptions, a number of costly geohazards pose a risk to property across Britain. In this webinar, Geologist Tim Longden will guide you through the geohazards that should concern property owners across Britain and why it’s an important risk to consider in property purchase.

  • Coastal Erosion - Britain’s eroding coast can no longer be ignored.
  • In this webinar Geotech Engineer Chris Milne questions why this significant hazard has to a large extent, been ignored in property purchase and also address some misconceptions. Chris will review how climate change is increasing the risk to a growing number of properties around the UK and specific case studies where coastal erosion has resulted in total loss of property.

  • Clay-related Subsidence - Why houses are becoming more at risk from subsidence.
  • For UK homes built on top of clay, soil subsidence is a key risk to consider as a property owner, with annual damages running into the millions. In this webinar Dr Tim Farewell discusses the importance of expert interpretation in understanding this complex, yet relatively common, geohazard and why owners of properties in existing risk areas are not the only ones that should be concerned.

  • Mining - Britain’s mining history and its impact today.
  • Britain has a varied history of extraction from the ground that began over 3000 years ago and provided the foundation for the societies to prosper and grow. Despite this, when buying a property, coal is considered the only mining search worthy of a Law Society CON29 legal form - CON29M (Mining). Geologist and CEO Tom Backhouse will take you on a brief tour of mining in the UK and consider how today’s mining-related hazards (chalk, clay, etc) damage property and impair its value.

  • Landslides: Ensuring your clients investment doesn’t go down hill.
  • Landslides, while relatively rare in the UK are a complex geohazard that require significant geoscientific understanding and years of experience and study. In this webinar, experienced Geotech Engineer Chris Milne uses examples to explain landslide risk to property in the UK and how this geohazard is likely to react to predicted climate conditions.

Chris Milne is a UK Registered Ground Engineering Adviser, Chartered Civil Engineer and Chartered Geologist with over 30 years geotechnical engineering experience in the UK and overseas specialising in ground hazards. He has worked as lead consultant for some of the largest mine treatment schemes in the UK, as well as designing numerous sea defence and slope stabilisation projects.

Dr Tim Farewell is one of the UK’s leading academics on ground hazards specialising in the dynamic interactions between geohazards and critical infrastructure. He works closely with research data including climate change models to map changes in ground conditions and is convinced of the need to better the understanding of the often complex environmental-infrastructure interactions.

Tom Backhouse is an award-winning geologist and entrepreneur, who has founded and successfully grown Terrafirma into a market-building company, which exists to help professionals and the consumer unravel the complexities of the ground and provide intelligent solutions in the form of GeoData or Reports to support robust and future-proof decision-making.

Tim Longden joined Terrafirma while completing his Master’s degree in Geology at the University of Bristol. As Head of Operations, Tim is responsible for day-to-day production, ensuring industry leading product quality, while dealing with operational and report enquiries.

To arrange a free webinar at your convenience, please contact our Marketing Coordinator: