Advisory Pannel Announced

Today we’re delighted to announce the launch of our very own Advisory Panel who will be providing ongoing guidance and counsel to both the business and our clients, with particular focus on educating property market stakeholders to ground hazards, and the provision of innovative solutions.

"With ground risk an increasing problem this is an exciting time for Terrafirma and I am delighted to be able to provide them with guidance on the risk and liabilities faced by solicitors and their clients." — Andrew Wiseman OBE

Chaired by highly respected environmental lawyer Andrew Wiseman OBE, the panel will meet on a regular basis to discuss issues raised by the business and the wider industry. It comprises professionals and academics at the cutting edge of environmental and ground hazard solutions in the UK’s built -environment, legal and insurance sectors.

We are truly excited to have assembled such an esteemed group to provide guidance and advice to us as we drive Terrafirma forwards and continue our work to educate the property market to ground risk. Not only will the Panel’s input and expertise be invaluable it also will also send a clear message of our continuing intent to educate and provide thought leadership.

The panel will also provide consultancy and guidance to the Terrafirma team including the identification of ground instability hazards, site investigations, emerging technologies and the impact of such environmental hazards in the conveyancing and legal markets.

Here’s some more information on the panel members:

Andrew Wiseman OBE:

Andrew Wiseman, is a leading environmental law expert and has been recognised by bodies such as the Legal 500 as one of the leading solicitors specialising in environmental law. Andrew also has an active role within government and is the chair of the Export Guarantees Advisory Council (EGAC), vice chair of Environmental Protection UK’s Land Quality Committee and a past chairman of the UK Environmental Law Association (UKELA), convenor of the UKELA’s contaminated land working party.

Chris Milne:

Chris is a renowned mining engineer and has worked on several high-profile projects across the UK. Chris has been involved on projects relating to various types of mining-related ground stability and subsequent remediation. Chris is the co-owner of Ground Stiffness Surveys (GSS), an innovative ground investigation company who are specialist contractors, developers and researchers in Advanced Continuous Surface Wave (ACSW) non-intrusive ground profiling technologies. GSS offer expert non-intrusive ground investigation services, including the identification and mapping of abandoned mine workings.

Mark Hudson:

Mark is a respected mining and land surveyor and began his career at The Coal Board and has been involved in some high-profile projects such as the Channel Tunnel construction. More recently, Mark founded his company Geoterra, an innovative sub-surface investigation and remediation company, with a focus on the use and development of cutting-edge surveying technology. Geoterra and Terrafirma have a close relationship and are looking forward to future projects and collaboration.

Dr. Tim Farewell:

Tim is one of the UK’s leading academics on ground hazards and is currently working as a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Environment and Agricultural Informatics at Cranfield University. Tim is a geospatial soil and environmental scientist specialising in the dynamic interactions between geohazards and critical infrastructure. He works closely with research data including climate change models to map changes in ground conditions and is convinced of the need to better the understanding of the often complex environmental-infrastructure interactions. Tim’s academic career is closely aligned with industry to drive forward innovative environmental data and its application.