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Virtual Reality First In Terrafirma's New 'Innovation Series'

Terrafirma prides itself on its innovative approach to data and environmental risk assessment. Our ambitions have succeeded in changing perceptions and better managing the risks the ground poses by combining existing and unique data with professional expertise. The recent success of our suite of services in the UK property market is testament to the growing requirement for professional opinions to replace the historical, data-only risk model and we continue to push further forward in conceptual and interpretative modelling of UK geohazard risks.

To further inspire our amazing team and to continue to positively disrupt the way in which we identify, manage and resolve environmental risks, Terrafirma have introduced the 'Innovation Series'. A simple concept of inviting the brightest entrepreneurial talent, industry-leading professionals and academics into the business headquarters to present and hold interactive sessions twice a month. This series is set up to initially run until Christmas 2017 but is already gaining traction to run well into the following year.

Today, we were joined by Connor Hadley-Collins, the founder and CEO of TruVisionVR, one of the UK’s leading and award-winning virtual reality studios, providing high quality, quick turnaround and cost-effective VR solutions for the construction industry. Connor was able to present and demonstrate the expertise and technology that uniquely allows TruVision to provide services to Architects, Property Developers and Interior Designers, where professionals can visualise their plans in incredible detail by virtually stepping into their creations like never before.

The session included a round-table discussion as to the future of Virtual Reality in the construction, development and other UK industries and stimulated a conversation as to the use of VR in visualising risks such as ground collapse, flood events and the spread of invasive species. Although VR is in still in its early days with regards to industry uptake, it is engaging and passionate entrepreneurs like Connor and his team at TruVision that creating markets and innovating in a way similar to that of Terrafirma.

Next in the Innovation Series and later in September, we have a renowned industry and academic expert joining us to discuss 'London Super Structures and the issues faced in their location, design and construction'. This next session will focus on the risks the ground poses in our capital city and how they are still neglected even today.

If you would like to find out more about our Innovation Series or would like to get involved, please contact