Response to Coronavirus and Business Continuity Plan: A Message from our CEO

To our clients, our partners, our suppliers, our colleagues and our friends,

These are uncharted waters we find ourselves in. There is unfortunately little doubt we will face both personal and professional hardship in the months ahead and it is imperative we work together and support each other through these challenging times.

At Terrafirma, we have been alert to the crisis posed by Covid-19 and have moved swiftly and in line with government advice to implement our Business Continuity Plan, ensuring that we can continue operating and performing at the same level of excellence that we always seek to offer.

We have taken the necessary actions to protect the health and wellbeing of our incredible team and as of this week have moved all team members to a remote and smart working environment. We have performed rigorous stress-testing and troubleshooting of our systems to ensure they can work efficiently and reliably in this situation and therefore we are in a strong position to work in this way for the foreseeable future and will continue to do so until this crisis is resolved.

We will be shifting to a solely online presence in the coming days and will be making available a suite of new webinars and training sessions (both live and pre-recorded) from April. We recognise that many people will either be self-isolating or will have a reduced workload and that there may be more available time for continuous professional development. We will also be utilising, as many are, our video conference facilities to continue engaging and meeting with our clients and partners across the industry. We are very much open for business.

We are truly hopeful that the market recovers quickly and at the latest by August, however, we are also fully aware that this crisis may well last until the end of the year and possibly into 2021. Because of this we have quickly and assuredly put in place financial, operational and administrative measures to ensure we can weather the impending storm and continue to innovate, grow and work closely with our clients, partners and suppliers on the other side.

From the team and I, we wish you good health through these coming weeks and months. If there is anything, however small, that we can do to support your business or your teams, please let us know. We are here to help.

Tom Backhouse
CEO and Founder

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