Autumn Conveyancing Report Updates - What's New and Improved?

We will be making several important and exciting updates to our reports that will go live on 18th October. So, if you’d like to learn more about these changes, you’re in the right place!

CON29M Report

Come October, Terrafirma's CON29M report will assess and advise on non-coal mining hazards within Coal Authority data. We’re adding property specific risk assessment in line with Terrafirma’s expert reporting and search methodologies. Conveyancers who choose a Terrafirma CON29M will receive clear identification of when a property is within the influence or at risk of mining-related instability from non-coal workings. It will also alert all parties of the implications of non-coal mining workings affecting the property, most notably that the terms of the Coal Mining Subsidence Act 1991 may not apply.

Other changes include improved report recommendations for new build properties and better visuals for site plans, adding a visual ‘Zone of Influence’ guide for when mine entries are identified within 20 m.

Ground Report

Following an in-depth technical review that involved several senior geologists, scientists and engineers, Terrafirma has enhanced the assessment techniques, hazard-specific advice and recommendations for natural ground perils. Where necessary, the enhanced Ground Report section provides property-specific advice and guidance for ground conditions that can pose a significant risk to property. Hazard-specific advice is provided for those interested in the site's future development, which can be passed along to a builder/developer to ensure the ground conditions are appropriately considered.

The use of satellite data to identify ground movement within a greater area surrounding property has also been reviewed and upgraded, offering better interpretation to the evidence recorded movements relevant to the property in question.

The Ground Report will also feature a redesigned front page to improve report clarity and allow better ‘at-a-glance’ review of the report and its results. As part of the redesign, a ‘Terrafirma Quality Assurance Stamp’, has been added, clearly demonstrating the expertise embedded within every report.'

Site plans, which allow conveyancers and homebuyers to visualise the potentially affected areas from natural ground perils, clay subsidence, coastal erosion and mining hazards, have been visually enhanced for improved report usability.

Changes to all reports

All Terrafirma reports (CON29M, Ground Report, Assure and Regulated Coal) have updated branding to cement a consistent brand identity across all Terrafirma reports.

We will also be introducing a new FAQ page with links embedded within our reports to help answer any queries, swiftly. In addition to our popular expert customer service and ‘report queries promise’, the FAQs will cover further context of hazards and offer further advice.

Find out more

At Terrafirma, we understand that ground hazards aren’t always the top of everyone’s must-know list when it comes to buying a property. However, if not fully aware of the risks, a property purchaser could unknowingly buy a property in a location that is exposed to hidden ground hazards.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help our clients understand the ground, and make better decisions with a full awareness of the risks from below.

In line with this vision, we’ll be running a Terrafirma Autumn Update Launch Event for conveyancers to support your deeper understanding of how these updates will help mitigate risk for your client.

Join us on 19th October where geologist Tim Longden will provide an in-depth overview of the updates and why they are essential. In addition, you’ll be able to ask Tim any questions you may have about Terrafirma’s reports or updates.

This event is open to all conveyancers and property professionals. You can register for free, and ask questions live after the short 30-minute session. In line with Terrafirma’s climate policy, we will plant a tree for everyone that registers, and another for everyone that attends.