What is Radon and Does it Affect Your Property?

7th November 2018

Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that forms from the decay of uranium within the ground. Owing to the way we often heat and ventilate our homes, radon can enter the house, causing exposure to this toxic gas. Every building in the UK contains at least some radon, however, in certain parts of the UK the geological conditions allow for naturally higher concentrations of radon. In poorly ventilated properties, these typically low radon levels can build up to harmful concentrations. At high concentrations, the natural radioactivity of Radon can damage the soft tissue cells within our lungs, causing an increased susceptibility to cancer (particularly in combination with smoking/ ex smoking). Approximately 1000 people die each year in the UK from lung cancer related to radon, therefore it is vital that precautions are taken to ensure that we are not living in toxic homes.

A simple screen can identify whether or not a site/ property is within a Radon affected area (where over 1% of properties in the area are likely to have hazardous concentrations of Radon) and what level risk (low, intermediate or high). If a property is within an affected area, there is no need to worry - a simple and inexpensive measurement pack can be bought to confirm if your desired property is above the Public Health England accepted level. If the property is above the action level, then recommendations will be provided detailing the best next steps to take in order to reduce the radon level down to the target level.

Terrafirma can help by providing a Radon screen within The Ground Report (while also assessing all other ground stability hazards). This screening service will identify whether the site is within a Radon affected area and provide clear and relevant recommendations on any best next steps. Terrafirma is continually developing its modules to provide both in-depth, interpretive assessment for Ground risks and ensure that the best possible guidance and assurance is provided and that the homeowner is best protected.

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Blog written by Maura Partridge

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