Sinkhole Appears in Rugby Pitch in Swansea

27th February 2018

A sinkhole which is said to have collapsed on the 14th February 2018 appeared in the corner of one of the Morriston RFC rugby pitches in Heol Gwernen, Cwmrhydyceirw.

A report was received on Monday, 19th February 2018 by The Coal Authority (TCA) who have now fenced off the sinkhole and further investigations are said to be taking place. John Pyott, project manager in the Coal Authority’s public safety and subsidence team, said:

“On Monday, February 19, 2018, we received a report of a ground collapse in the corner of a playing field at Cwmrhydyceirw. We responded quickly to erect fencing to secure the area. We will be undertaking thorough ground investigations to determine the cause of this incident."

Social media responded to the report saying the ground collapse was triggered due to the earthquake which hit the area on Saturday, however, it is thought to have appeared on the Wednesday before the quake.

Terrafirma's own investigation reveals multiple records of coal mining features such as 3 recorded mine entries, 2 of which have already collapsed within the rugby pitch and an adit, all of which are located along a recorded coal seam. The area of Cwmrhydyceirw, Swansea has a rich coal mining history and the rugby pitch itself is situated above deep underground coal mine workings linked to the extraction surface mining features mentioned above.

John Pyott, “If these investigations conclude that it is a result of historical coal mine workings, we will undertake ground remediation work to make the area safe.” Upon further site investigation there is a high likeliness of the discovery of more extensive underground coal workings and features due to the quantity of mine entry points in the area. This is another example which highlights the importance of ground stability reports for any type of land or property prior to purchase or development.


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Figure 1- Morriston RFC in Heol Gwernen, Swansea

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Blog written by Ben Magnin

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